SKAdNetwork (SKAN)


What is SKAdNetwork?
SKAdNetwork (SKAN) is a framework for privacy-preserving mobile install attribution for iOS. It aims to help measure conversion rates of app install campaigns (CPI) without compromising users’ identities. There are some characteristics of SKAdNetwork:

  1. Definition of "download" in SKAdNetwork: the first install of the target app per Apple ID.
  2. Install attribution methodology: Last click on the app "download" button of the app's App Store page.
  3. Conversion value: It's a number between 0-63. A number means a unique event.
  4. Postback delay: At least 24-48 hours delay, and it can be extended up to 65 days when in-app events are triggered. But MMP will limit the delay.
  5. Event tracking: Can only track one event per install. Can report how many users trigger each event, but cannot track how many times a user triggers one event
  6. Attribution method: Support both click and impression tracking.

What's App tracking transparency (ATT)?
A: iOS 14.5 includes privacy changes that will require apps to ask for user permission before tracking data (Device ID: IDFA) and activity. If uses don't consent it MMP SDK can't get IDFA. In the other words, it may affect the accuracy of MMP attribution.


What preparations are needed for running SKAdNetwork?

You need to be ready for the 2 things below:

  1. Code implementation: If you're using MMP, please make sure your MMP SDK version supports SKAdNetwork.
  2. Set up SKAdNetwork conversion event: Please set up SKAdNetwork conversion events and provide a screenshot to us.
    Note: Due to iOS limitations, we’ll suggest setting the events which can be triggered within 24 hours like registration and login. Besides, it’s recommended that not set too many events to shorten the time of receiving postback to optimize it.

Can Appier support running SKAdNetwork?

Yes, we have SKAdNetwork traffic and we've integrated with the following MMPs to provide SKAdNetwork postback to them, so if you're using the above MMPs you can see SKAdNetwork performance on your MMP dashboard.

  • Adjust
  • Appsflyer
  • Singular
  • Branch
  • Kochava

Can I run SKAdNetwork without using MMP?

Yes, we still can run it if you've implemented Apple's official SKAdNetwork function in your app and declared conversion events as well.

What kind of information does Appier need to run SKAdNetwork?

Please let us know the MMP you're using and share the conversion events screenshot on MMP.

Data Collection and Attribution

What kind of data will we pass to MMP?

Appier will get the following data and pass it to the MMP:

  • AppID(Advertiser App)
  • First download / Redownload
  • SourceAppID
  • Conversion value

What is the attribution window of SKAdNetwork?

Click: 30 days to download the app
Impression: 24 hours to download the app
Download to first open: 60 days to launch the app

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