DFINERY - AiBid/New User Acquisition Campaign

Enabling the integration with Appier

  1. Attribution > AD Partner Settings
  2. Search for Appier
  3. Click "Appier-remaster"
  1. Click "Enable" button

Setting postback to Appier

  1. Click "Postbacks"
  2. Turn on the "Status" : “New Install”: App is opened for the first time by the media
  3. Set "Postback Scope" to "All"
  4. Set in-app events
  5. Set "Postback Scope" to "All"
  6. Set "App Open Attribution Types", "Status" and "Lookback Windows"
  7. If there are "Custom Events", set up the events in the "Custom Events" sheet.
  1. Click "Save"

Creating Ad Link

  1. Click "Create New Campaign"
  1. Name "Campaign Name"
  2. Click "OK"
  1. Go to "Tracking Link"
  2. Find "appier"
  3. Click "Connection with AD Campaign"
  1. Click "Generate a Tracking Link"
  1. Name the "tracking link"
  2. Select "Download" for new user campaign in landing format
  3. Click "Next"
  1. Check the landing URL
    "Default Settings": The link would be the same as set in "AD Landing Settings"
    "Custom Settings": The link can be customized here
    (The link in the picture is just an example)
  2. Click "Next"
  1. You can analyze your ad performance by adding parameters to the tracking link.
  2. Click "Create"
  1. Click "Copy" and provide the link to our contact window
  2. Click "Close"
  1. Check AD Campaign > Postback Final Setting
  2. Turn on the events as 2-2 and 2-4
  3. Update the setting
  4. Click "Preview" to final check the status of the event
1280 1280
  1. Check the final status is the green light; if the final status is off please check those two statuses: "App Setting" and "Campaign Setting".
    "App Setting" OFF: Please check steps 20~32.
    "Campaign Setting" OFF: Please check steps 25~28.