Singular - Special Features

Cost Data Integration

Connect Appier on Singular

  1. Please inform us when you want to connect Appier on Singular, we'll provide a token to you.
    Once connect us successfully, you will be able to proceed with the following settings.
  2. After getting the token, please go to Data Connectors on Singular.

  1. Search "appier" and click it.

  1. Enter the token which provided by Appier and then click Submit.


Be careful

For Agencies, please note that access_token you get may include all of the campaigns that you run with Appier.

If your Advertiser request to get api token, please inform it to your Account Manager.

  1. Check the status, and it should be "Active" after a few minutes.

  1. And then you can get the following data on Singular, including:
  • OS
  • date
  • app ID
  • geo
  • campaign (named by Appier, please let us know if you have a naming convention)
  • campaign ID (named by Appier, please let us know if you have a naming convention)
  • impression count
  • click count
  • install count (should be install or KPI action)
  • publisher_id (our partner, encoded value)
  • publisher_site_id (bundle, encoded value)

Important Notes

  • The data would be updated at midnight based on your timezone on Singular and the expected delay is 2 days. For example: You can get 1/1 data on 1/3.
  • Our report time is based on event time.
  • Supported models: CPC, CPI, CPA.
  • Supported traffic: RTB only.