Why does Appier need all traffic data?

Appier needs all traffic data for these products:

  • AiBid: To do a blacklist, we can find out active users and do not target them. Secondly, we can find out potential users who will install the app by analyzing current users' characteristics.
  • App re-engagement (including Aictivate): We use the data to find out who possibly engages the app again and show the personalized Ads.

What is deeplink? Why is deeplink important?

It's a link or path to take users to a specific content directly in your app without redirecting to Google Play or the App Store. It'll enhance user experience as well as a key component for us to take users to the corresponding page when clicking our Ads. Therefore, it's quite important, especially for App engagement campaigns. Here are some official development documents for your reference to implement deeplink.